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Opensource project to run, create, and share large language models (LLMs).

Conenct Ollama Models

  • Download Ollama from the following link:
  • Install Ollama and use the model codellama by running the command ollama pull codellama
  • If you want to use mistral or other models, you will need to replace codellama with the desired model. For example: ollama pull mistral

How to use Ollama

  • Open CodeGPT Setting in VSCode and Select Ollama like a Provider

  • Select one of the Ollama Models
Ollama Models

Ollama Models available in Code GPT

  • llama2
  • llama2:13b
  • llama2:70b
  • codellama
  • codellama:34b
  • codellama:7b-python
  • codellama:34b-python
  • phind-codellama
  • phind-codellama:34b
  • wizardcoder
  • wizardcoder:python
  • wizardcoder:34b-python
  • mistral

API Errors

If you are getting API errors check the following link: Ollama Documentation