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Microsoft Azure

Official website

Microsoft Azure

  • Create an account in Microsoft Azure
  • Get access to Azure OpenAI Services
  • Go to Azure OpenAI Studio
  • Get your Endpoint and Secret Key
  • In CodeGPT Settings change the provider to Azure and the model to azure
  • In VSCode press cmd + shift + p and search Set Azure Data
  • Paste the Endpoint and Secret Key
Remove Key

If you want to remove your API Key from CodeGPT, open the Command Palette and search for CodeGPT: Remove API KEY.

Connect Microsoft Azure

Microsft Azure

Azure OpenAI Models available in Code GPT

  • gpt-4
  • gpt-4-32k
  • gpt-35-turbo
  • gpt-35-turbo-16k

API Errors

If you are getting API errors check the following link: Microsoft Azure Documentation