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Anthropic is an AI safety startup based in San Francisco. They're focused on developing techniques to ensure that AI systems are aligned with human values and behave ethically. Some of their key research areas include:

Constitutional AI - Giving AI systems abstract rules/values to guide their behavior. Value Learning - Techniques for AI systems to learn human values and preferences. Robustness - Making AI systems more robust to undesirable behavior in edge cases. Interpretability - Developing ways to make AI systems more transparent and explainable to humans.

The goal of Anthropic is to ensure that as AI continues to become more advanced and autonomous, it remains beneficial to humanity.


Claude can be a delightful company representative, a research assistant, a creative partner, a task automator, and more. Personality, tone, and behavior can all be customized to your needs.

To access Claude, you must enter and then select "Request Access".

Claude Models available in Code GPT

  • claude-2
  • claude-v1.3-100k
  • claude-instant-v1.3-100k

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