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Google MakerSuite

Official website

PaLM 2 (Pathways Language Model)

PaLM 2 is the next generation of large language models developed by Google. It builds upon Google's legacy of breakthrough research in machine learning and responsible AI.

Connect your Google MakerSuite Account

  • Request access to PaLM 2 in this link Google MakerSuite
  • Go to the Get API key menu
  • Create a new API key
  • Copy this API Key to your clipboard
  • In VSCode press cmd + shift + p and search Set API Key
  • Paste your API Key
Remove Key

If you want to remove your API Key from CodeGPT, open the Command Palette and search for CodeGPT: Remove API KEY.

Connect Google Makersuite tutorial

Connect Google Makersuite

Google PaLM 2 Models available in Code GPT

  • chat-bison-001
  • text-bison-001

API Errors

If you are getting API errors check the following link: Google Makersuite Documentation